2019 Food Truck Registration

Food and Vendor Registration and General Information

We appreciate your interest in part of Oaklawn’s infield Food Truck events occurring the last eight Saturdays of the 2019 Live Racing season, starting Saturday March16 through Saturday May. Each of these Saturdays will combine the culinary delight of our local Mobile Food Community, family friendly entertainment and the thrill of Thoroughbred horse racing. We are looking for 3-8 Food Trucks for each Saturday to showcase the best that they have to offer.

Dates, Culinary Theme, and Location

Saturday March 16 – Fun Fair style food items.
Saturday March 23 – BBQ style food items.
Saturday March 30 – Dessert style food items.
Saturday April 6 – International style food item (Asian, Cuban, Mediterrian, Indian, etc.)
Saturday April 13 – All style of food item welcomed.
Saturday April 20 – Burger and Sandwich style food items.
Saturday April 27 – Taste of the South food items.
Saturday May 4 – Mexican style food item.

Events are located in Oaklawn’s Infield, 2705 Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901.

Online Registration Form


Registration Documents and Fees
Registration deadline for applicants is February 22, 2019. Event cost is a flat fee of $300.00 per each event that will need to be paid by each participating Food Truck Vendor to Southwestern catering Company, Inc. no later than 15 days prior to selected participation date. Submittal of application does not guarantee participation. SWCC and Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc. ("Oaklawn") reserve the right to reject any application, and to revoke acceptance of any application if any required payment is not made as set forth herein, or if the vendor otherwise fails to abide by the other terms set forth in this application. These events are rain or shine. By submitting the Event Cost Flat Fee payment, you hereby agree to all terms set forth in this application form.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to meet all city and state permits and to be familiar with, and to abide by, all Arkansas Health Department codes and regulations. Documents required for participation consideration are listed below. Please do not send expired documents.
1. Completed Registration Form;
2. Photo of Truck;
3. Menu- Limited to no more than 5 items per vendor. All items on their menu will need to be executed in less than 2 minutes;
4. Copy of Arkansas Health Department License;
5. Copy of your Hot Springs business/operating license;
6. Customary certificate of general liability insurance listing Southwestern Catering Company, Inc. and Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc. as additionally insureds with respect to this event and related activities.
Checks should be made payable to Southwestern Catering Company, Inc.
Mail to: PO Box 699 Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902
Participating vendors will need to load in for their event the Friday prior to their selected date at 6 pm, and need to be staged in the Oaklawn North Parking Lot no later than 5:30 pm on that day. Participating vendors will be given one parking pass to park in the infield.

Weather and Ground Surface

The infield events will take place rain or shine. They are an outdoor event that is located solely on grass. There will be some locations that are not level. Vendors should come prepared for the weather. Tents, canopies and pop-ups must be secured to withstand wind and weather. The infield will be provided for the event in its AS-IS condition, without any representation or warranty from Oaklawn or SWCC. It shall be the responsibility of each participating vendor to inspect the area of the infield to be used by the vendor in order to determine for itself that the condition is satisfactory for the vendor's intended purposes.


The infield shall be used by the participating vendor solely for the purposes contemplated hereby, and shall not be used for any other unrelated purpose without the prior written consent of Oaklawn. Each participating vendor shall conduct its activities in a safe and commercially reasonable manner, in compliance with all applicable laws, and rules and regulations of governmental agencies or authorities, and shall not permit any activities which are inherently hazardous or dangerous, or which are otherwise obnoxious or create a nuisance.

Security; Liability

Oaklawn will provide its customary security during event hours only. None of Oaklawn, SWCC, or their respective staff or volunteers assumes any responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any equipment or other property. It is further acknowledged and agreed that neither Oaklawn nor SWCC shall have any liability arising out of the participating vendor's use of Oaklawn's premises with respect to this event, or any sales or other activities conducted by the vendor in connection therewith.

Fire Extinguisher

All trucks MUST have a working fire extinguisher on site, serviced within the past year.

Trash/Clean Up

Trash cans and removal will be provided by Oaklawn. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean. DO NOT dump water, grease or any other liquid onto the grass. Ice chests or other containers should not drain onto the grass.

Load Out

Participating vendors will not be permitted to exit the infield until approximately 8 pm on selected participating date and must exit the infield once authorized and before 10:00 pm that night. Leaving early will not be permitted for the safety of those attending. Please remain open even if you are sold out of items. It is important to remember that when customers see a vendor shutting down, they will generally stop buying.

Food Storage

A refrigerated truck will be provided for extra cold storage. There will also be a lockable dry storage building for vendors. All items should be picked up before 8pm on the Saturday of your event day. In addition, five (5) 25lb bags of ice will be provided per day, with additional bags for $2.00 each, while supplies last.


All participating Food Trucks must be self-contained or run off a “quiet” generator, no more than 70 db. No electricity or water will be provided.


This is a non-ticketed event. All attendees will pay directly to the vendor. Each vendor will be responsible for their own sales. Oaklawn will provide a secure Wi-Fi login for participants to use, subject to events outside Oaklawn's reasonable control.

Social Media

Oaklawn will be promoting these events and all vendors participating through several different media outlets. There will be a press release regarding these infield events and all participants. The Oaklawn website, as well as social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be used to promote these event days. Oaklawn will also run an ad in our daily racing program on one or more 2019 racing days and a list of all participating vendors will be included in some in-house TV spots during our 2019 racing season. Participating vendors will also be listed in Oaklawn’s “Where it’s at” map for the 2019 infield event. Each participating vendor consents to the use of its name, logo, website address, and general food description for these purposes.

Infield Food Truck Menu Specifics

Each truck will need to identify one signature item. This item will be listed as your featured item and Oaklawn will use this to promote your business in connection with this event.
• Menus need to be limited to five (5) quick-serve items, so as to enable more patrons to be served and to hopefully increase your sales.
• Turn-around should be 2 minutes or less.
• Menus are required to be submitted to Oaklawn and should be advertised on your truck. Prices of food items must be clearly displayed along with all methods of payment accepted. Tax must be included in the menu pricing.
• No beverages may be sold or given away by food trucks.
• The DAY OF menu should only be the food that you are serving at the 2018 Racing Festival of the South Food Truck Day’s along with the price including tax. Menus that have items covered with duct tape or the like will not be permitted.

Online Registration Form