Oaklawn News

HOT SPRINGS, AR (Monday, Jan. 9, 2017) – Oaklawn is making the easiest bet in racing more profitable and fun for its on-track customers by offering the one-of-a kind Show Bet Bonus during the 2017 Live Meet.

“We believe one of the biggest challenges in racing is attracting new fans and getting them to return,” Director of Gaming and Wagering Bobby Geiger said. “Racing and its terminology can be intimidating. Plus, if a first timer gets caught up chasing more complicated wagers, there is a good chance he or she will spend that entire first day at the races and never enjoy one of the best parts – the thrill of picking a winner and cashing a ticket.

“This year, we hope to improve the on track experience by providing a financial incentive to  participate in show wagering – the easiest bet in racing. Unlike a trifecta where a person has a one in 720 chance of winning in a 10-horse race, the show pool gives players three chances in 10; you cash a winning ticket if your horse finishes first, second or third.”

Show wagering remains very popular at Oaklawn, making up more than 12% of on-track wagers in a typical season.

“We are in a unique situation,” Geiger said. “A significant number of our attendees every season are still relative newcomers to the sport or have never been to a race track before. We want to increase their opportunities to cash tickets, put more money in their pockets and create a more fun environment for them.”

The financial incentive will be accomplished by reducing the takeout on show wagers and thus increasing the amount paid back to customers. This means the payoff on show wagers made at Oaklawn will be higher than the payoff on the same show wager made off-track or through ADW services. In fact, the on-track Show Bet Bonus payback to customers will be similar or higher than the payback to customers generally found on slot machines in casinos.

Fans will be able to follow the Show Bet Bonus throughout the race day on a special display that will appear on the tote boards and will be shown on in-house TVs. The display will clearly indicate the higher payout on every winning show wager made at Oaklawn.

For more information about the Show Bet Bonus and the upcoming live meet, visit www.Oaklawn.com. The 2017 racing season runs Jan. 13 – April 15.