Every Thursday

6-10 pm 

SPIN THAT WHEEL! Every Thursday in February we are selecting three lucky players every 15 minutes to Wheel 'N' Deal for a chance to win up to $500 in free play!


  • Guests will receive one free entry per day with play on their Oaklawn Rewards card or kiosk swipe from Jan 31-Feb 27, and one additional entry for every twenty points earned on their Oaklawn Rewards card the previous Friday through the promotional day (Thursday).
  • Elites will get three times earned entries and Golds will receive two times earned entries.
  • Oaklawn Rewards cards must be swiped at any promotional kiosk by 9:50 pm on promotional days (Thursday) to activate entries. Redeemed earned entries will carry over each week until the end of the month.


  • The Fun Squad will draw three names every 15 minutes from 6-10 pm.
  • The guests will then take turns spinning the wheel in the order they were drawn.
  • The wheel must make at least one full rotation in order to be a valid spin. If the wheel does not make one full rotation, the guest must spin again.
  • Once the wheel lands on a prize amount, the guest may then choose to keep that prize amount or spin again.
  • If the guest chooses to spin again, they will get whatever amount the wheel lands on.


  • On Thursday, February 27, all prize amounts on the wheel will be doubled.


  • Elite, Gold and Silver guests MUST be present to win.
  • If one guest does not show, we will play with the two present guests.
  • If two guests do not show, the one present guest will play.
  • If all three guests do not show, the game will not be played that round.

For a complete set of rules, see Players Services.