Every Friday

6 - 10 PM

Meet and Mingle

Guests can register in Pop's Lounge from 6-7:50 pm. During registration, each guest will receive a nametag and a number. A number ping pong ball will be dropped into a bucket that matches the number on the nametag. After you've registered you can mingle throughout the room! Once everyone is registered speed dating will begin. 

The Speed Dating Game | 8-9 pm

  • Dates will be seated randomly at a dater’s station.
  • Once everyone is seated, the DJ will draw a numbered ping-pong ball from the bucket.
  • The number drawn will come up to the stage and spin the wheel.
  • The wheel will consist of quick dating games that the person will play on stage.

The Wheel Games

  • Sketchy Partner
  • Finish the Lyrics
  • Hard 8 questions
  • Dream Date
  • Smarty Party
  • Sultry Poetry

Traditional Speed Dating | 9-10 pm 

  • Dates will remain in their assigned station.
  • When the bell sounds, the standing dater will move to the next numbered station.
  • Couples will then have three minutes to converse with each other.
  • When the bell sounds again, the dater will move to the next station to start a new date.


Every contestant will be entered into a drawing at the end of the session at 10 pm for a prize. One man and one woman will win a prize. 

Every contestant will also be entered to win a cruise for two. The cruise drawing will Nov 29.




For a complete set of rules, see Players Services.