The Lord of the rings Rule Them All

Take an epic adventure through the Middle-Earth and join the ultimate battle between Good and Evil playing The Lord of the Rings™ – Rule Them All! The engaging cabinet pairs a dramatic display with a reel mechanism featuring two bet levels, the Ring Level and the Eye of Sauron Level. When betting on the Ring Level, achieve 3 Ring symbols on the reels to reveal game features such as Frodo free spins, Legolas Wilds, Mines of Moria spins with multiple arrays, and Eowyn & the Witch King multipliers, Arwen & Aragon royal rewards. When playing at the Eye of Sauron bet level, players can be awarded Ring level features, as well as Eye features. Eye of Sauron features include Gollum credit prizes, Shelob Wilds, Balrog multipliers, or Uruk-Hai multiple reel arrays. Regardless of the bet level, the action never stops! Join us on this epic adventure for your chance to rule them all.