Every Wednesday 

7-9 pm

Join us every Wednesday from 7-9 pm and try your luck at our Off to the Races Slot Tournament! The top 10 players will receive free play, and all ladies will be eligible for one free entry in the 6 pm Girls Night Out session. Prepare yourself for a new level of winning. See Player Services to register. 


Guests must earn 50 points the previous Friday through Wednesday to register for the slot tournament. Guests can pick up their registration ballot at Player Services beginning at 7 pm on the day of the promotion. Guests must redeem their registration code within one hour of receiving their registration ballot. Registration codes can be redeemed at any open tournament machine. All sessions must be played by 8:50 pm.


  • Girls Night Out Tournament | 6-7 pm
  • Main Tournament | 7-8:50 pm
  • Sessions are two minutes 


  • At 9 pm, the Fun Squad will call back the top 10 guests to play in the finals. 
  • Guests MUST show within four minutes. 
  • If guests fail to arrive within four minutes, the Fun Squad will call the next winner in line until all 10 slots are filled.
  • The winners will be announced once the finals are complete.
  • The top 3 will be paid out based on their tier.

*Ladies may play in the Off to the Races Main tournament and the Girls Night Out tournament. Their highest score will be used to determine their standings for the final.

For a complete set of rules, see Players Services.