Fridays in June

6-10 pm

The ground is trembling at Oaklawn, with a GROUND SHAKING new tournament on Fridays. We'll host Jumbo Jenga every Friday. Registration begins at 6 pm in Pop's Lounge and to participate guests must be Oaklawn Rewards member. Each team will consist of two (2) people who will be taking turns until the tower falls. The winning team of each tournament will advance to the finals Friday, June 28. Teams can only advance once to the finals. 


  • Guests can register at Pop’s Lounge from 6:00-6:45 pm
  • Each team will be assigned a team number and given a sticker showing their number.
  •  At 6:45 game times will be assigned to each team.
  • Jumbo Jenga will begin at 7 pm. If all team members are not present within five (5) minutes of their game, that team automatically forfeits, their opponent will automatically advance to the next round.
  • Teams will be in a bracket-style tournament with a head-to-head match up to the next round.
  • If enough teams do not show up to fill an entire bracket (8, 16 or 32), we will create the bracket with byes in the first round.
  • For example:
    • If 13 teams sign up, the next highest number for a full bracket is 16.
    • Subtract 13 teams signed up from 16 to get 3, so 3 teams will get a bye.
    • Then 13 teams signed up minus the 3 teams that will be issued a bye equal 10 teams that must play a first-round game.
    • The first 10 teams that are drawn will be placed into the bracket one after the other.
    • The last 3 teams drawn will be placed into the last three brackets, with no opponent, giving them a bye.


  • Qualifying Tournament Prizes:
    • 1st Place: 1 Coors Light Collapsible Chair and a Swag Bag per person
    • 2nd Place: 1 Swag Bag per person
    • 3rd /4th Place: 1 Swag Bag per person
    • All Participants will receive a gift of some sort while supplies last.            
      • Final Tournament Prizes:
        • 1st Place: 1 Golf Bag, 1 Yeti Cooler and 1 Swag Bag per person
        • 2nd Place: 1 Yeti Cooler and 1 Swag Bag per person
        • 3rd /4th Place: 1 Swag Bag per person

FINALS – JUNE 28, 2019

  • Finals will be held in Pop’s Lounge at approximately 9 pm. The winning team of the night will go against the other three (3) winning teams from the previous tournaments. The final four (4) teams will showdown for the grand prize.


  • Any Jenga block below the highest completed story can be removed.
  • The player must remove one block and stack it on top perpendicular to the story below.
  • Players can only use one hand to place or move one Jenga block at a time.
  • A player’s turn is over after 20 seconds or upon successful removal of Jenga block.
  • Blocks may be tapped in order to find a loose block that is safe to move without disturbing or bringing down the tower.
  • The last team to stack a block without toppling the tower wins!
  • The game is over if any block, other than the one being removed, falls.

For an official set of rules, please see Player Services.