i-Table Roulette

i-Table Roulette takes the next evolutionary step in gaming by introducing player stations housed within a traditional roulette table design. Capturing all the advantages of the electronic player-terminal: automated pays, takes, and the elimination of dealer errors, i-Table Roulette will bring additional spins per hour which means increased excitement!

A truly unique experience, i-Table Roulette fits the same footprint as a standard roulette table and offers features never before introduced to a player terminal experience, including the opportunity to wager on numbers for the dealer! With easy to use touch-screens and a bold table display, i-Table makes playing roulette more exciting than ever before!


  • Live wheel outcomes
  • Configurable minimums and maximums
  • Electronic pays and takes
  • Selectable on-screen chip sets
  • Easy-to-use dealer interface
  • Connects with Fusion Hybrid as a possible roulette outcome


  • Eliminates dealer errors
  • Increases spins per hour – nearly double that of a regular table