Every Wednesday

6-9 pm

Fun on the Floor is here every Wednesday in December from 6-9 pm. Make sure you play with your Oaklawn Rewards card on your lucky machine to be eligible to win free play!


  • Every 20 minutes, the Fun Squad will electronically draw a ticket.
  • The ticket will contain a bank of slot machines. The Fun Squad will proceed to that bank to determine winners.
  • Guests at that bank must be playing on their Oaklawn Rewards card before the Fun Squad approaches the bank to be eligible to play.
  • If the bank of machines is empty or nobody is playing on their card, the Fun Squad will proceed to the next highest numbered bank.
  • Once players are determined the Fun Squad will play a game with the qualified guests.

            -Coin Toss
            -Rock, Paper, Scissors
            -Short Straw
            -Which Cup

  • Guests must show valid, unexpired, acceptable ID to participate and receive prizes.

For an official set of rules, please see Player Services.