Sunday, March 31

3 - 7 pm

We will have 75 winners! Celebrate your birthday month at Oaklawn with a birthday bash just for you! Guests will also receive a gift — plus, cake, cookies, and punch!


  • Guests with a birthday in March can receive 1-6 entries. Guests with email on file will receive an email with 5 entries and 1 free entry when they swipe their Oaklawn Rewards card at a kiosk the day of the Birthday Bash. Guests with no email on file who swipe their Oaklawn Rewards card the day of the Birthday Bash will receive 1 entry.

  • Beginning at 8 a.m. March 31, qualifying guests must activate their entries by swiping at a kiosk. Deadline for all entries to be activated is 6:50 p.m. 


  • From 3 - 7 p.m. the Fun Squad will draw three guests every 10 minutes.
  • Each guest will open a present from the Fun Squad in the order they were drawn.
  • The presents will have different free play prize amounts inside.
  • At 7 p.m., the Fun Squad will draw three lucky guests to claim their prizes plus the no-show money which will be divided evenly between all three guests.
  • Guests who have already been drawn from 3-6:50 p.m. will be eligible for the 7 o’clock drawing.


Guests will receive two wristbands from Player Services for their entry into Lagniappe’s. The birthday party will last from 3-5 p.m. Guests with a birthday in the month of March are invited to attend with a guest to enjoy cake, punch and a gift from Oaklawn.


Guests must see Player Services and present a valid photo ID showing their birthday is in March in order to receive their free gift. 


  • Winners will be picked randomly through a computer database system that counts all entries by all activated guests.
  • If the computer system goes down before/during a drawing, the drawing event will be delayed until the system comes back up.
  • At that time, the drawings will resume in the same time format as said event (example, if drawings are supposed to be every 10 min, then they’ll be every 10 min starting as soon as the system comes back up).
  • If drawings aren’t able to be completed on drawing day due to a system outage, Oaklawn will reschedule the drawings and will communicate the new date through signage.


For an official set of rules, please see Player Services.