$110K Memorial Day Weekend Slot Tournament


    Summer in Hot Springs is heating up! And, the slots at Oaklawn are HOT as well!

    Join us at Oaklawn for the Memorial Day Weekend Slot Tournament, Saturday, May 28 & Sunday, May 29.

    Grand Prizes

    Each day (5/28 & 5/29), after all scores have been properly tabulated, the promotions team will begin to announce the Top 15 tournament winners. Beginning with number 15 and working towards number 1, they will be called in increments of 5 winners at a time.

    Cash Prizes

    1. $20,000
    2. $7,500
    3. $5,000
    4. $3,500
    5. $2,500
    6. $1,750
    7. $1,500
    8. $1,500
    9. $1,500
    10. $1,500
    11. $1,250
    12. $1,000
    13. $500
    14. $500
    15. $500

    Tournament Play

    The Slot Tournament will be played;

    1. Saturday, May 28
      • 5-9p
    2. Sunday, May 29
      • 2-6p

    Registrants must arrive at the time listed on their registration ticket at the tournament area located in front of Pop’s Lounge. If a registrant shows up after the tournament starts they will have to wait until a session that is not full to fit them in. If not, the guest forfeits their round. The tournament team will announce instructions and ensure all are ready to play. Once the countdown is done, guests can begin tournament play. Session play is for 2 minutes.

    Once the session concludes, the guest must drop their ticket into the physical drawing drum located at the tournament area for the Wild Card Drawings. The guest is responsible for ensuring their ticket is placed in the physical drawing drum before the final time each day. No tickets will be accepted in the physical drum after 9pm on Saturday, May 28 and 6pm on Sunday, May 29.

    Wild Card Prizes

    After the top 15 winners are announced, using the tickets from the physical drawing drum, the promotions team will announce 10 Wild Card winners to win Free Play. Guests may only win one Wild Card prize per day. If a guest is drawn twice, then we will draw another winner. Wild Card winners must report to the promotions area within 5 minutes of being announced. Otherwise, their prize will be forfeited.

    Free Play Prizes

    1. $500
    2. $500
    3. $500
    4. $500
    5. $500
    6. $500
    7. $500
    8. $500
    9. $500
    10. $500