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How to Play Electronic Blackjack

Take a seat at the Table


Oaklawn’s electronic blackjack is not unlike the popular game of Blackjack you know and love.

Cards are dealt to each player by the Dealer and displayed on a video screen at the same time

We use live cards and you make your choice on the video screen whether to hit, stand, double down or split.

You’re still trying to get the closest to 21 without going over.

Place Your Bet

Once seated at the table, just give your cash to the Dealer and receive your digital chips on your video monitor.

Then just use your digital chips to place the amounts you would like to bet.

Watch the Cards

The cards for the dealer, and all players will be dealt by the dealer. The dealt cards will match cards displayed on your video screen

The basic rules you need to know are these:

  • Dealer will hit any soft 17 and stand on any hard17.
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2 (can only happen on first two cards)
  • Pairs can be split up to 3 times, for a total of four hands (paired aces may be split only once and receive only 1 card each)
  • Doubling down is allowed on any combination of the first two cards
  • Players signal dealer to Hit or Stand by touching the Hit or Stand button on their video monitor.
  • You can signal the dealer that you want to split, double down, take insurance, or make a bet for the Dealer by using the buttons on the video monitor.

Color Yourself a Winner!

The Blackjack table will automatically calculate all of the Winning and losing hands and add or remove chips from your digital chips.

When you cash out your digital chips, the Dealer will hand you a cash voucher that can be used in any gaming machine or taken to a Kiosk or the cashiers cage to be redeemed.

Also, we have side games that include High Tie Bonus and Buster Bonus Bet. If you’d like to know more about these great side games, click here.

If you have any questions, ask the dealer for further assistance.