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Star Power Sadly Missing

August 29, 2012

It was almost justice that Saturday’s Travers Stakes ended in a dead heat between two horses totally unknown by the majority of the American sports public. The public is wrapped up in the start of the upcoming football season and the only way to cut into that American sports addiction is to offer something which catches the attention. Saturday’s Travers didn’t appear to succeed from my viewpoint. It didn’t offer the kind of enthusiasm from Oaklawn’s simulcast audience that we’ve learned to expect from the past. It figured to produce an unsatisfactory result. Like “kissing your sister”, it used to be called when there was a “draw." Read More


Pace Again Makes the Race and My BC Single

August 22, 2012

One of the first lessons I was taught in handicapping a horse race was that pace makes the race. As the late John Shea taught me, each race has a certain shape, which includes pacesetters, stalkers and closers. If you can draw that picture you have a chance to succeed as a handicapper. Read More


Underrated Superstar: Donnie K. Von Hemel

August 14, 2012

How does one succeed in the racing business without a mega-stable and a handful of superstars to constantly parade before the fans? Clearly this sport has turned in favor of “size matters”, it is a joy to follow the exploits of some of those who are still doing things in some of the old fashioned ways and succeeding. Read More


Johnny, I Hardly Knew You, But I Wanted To

August 07, 2012

For fun someday, challenge your friends to name the winners of the past 18 Triple Crown races. You know, back to 2007. Read More


Midsummer Night Dreams and Ponderings

July 31, 2012

Read More

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