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Looking Back

April 09, 2013

The tendency on a week like this is to look ahead at the Racing Festival of the South. I admit to being a traditionalist and I’m taken a big aback with the new structure of the Festival. A 4-day Festival doesn’t appeal to my historical feelings, but may be more suited to the modern era. I just don’t like it as much. All that being said, I have more time to look back on what we’ve already seen, since I think it will be what I remember best of all. Read More


I know it isn't spring

March 27, 2013

As the song goes, “They say that I have spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring.” Or at least I think it isn’t spring. Judging by the weather of the last week, here and northeast of here, the idea of spring racing has changed. For what should have been a nice, spring Saturday in Arkansas, Saturday, March 23, turned into a day of downpour and dirty shoes. Read More


Old Dogs: New Tricks and Old Tricks

February 24, 2013

When Sanders Bros.’ All About Allie sizzled down the middle of the stretch to gallop to victory in the Downthedustyroad Breeders’ Stakes at Oaklawn, it had very much of the mark of Oaklawn’s leading trainer/former rider, David Whited. Born almost 60 years ago in Houston, Texas, the effervescent former rider was enjoying success with his most accomplished trainee in All About Allie. Read More


A Diary of the Biggest Day Yet at Oaklawn, 2013

February 21, 2013

7:00 a.m. All is quiet at the track except for the radio remote that popular deejay, Bob Robbins, is doing for his listeners at KSSN in Little Rock. The place looks as clean and gleaming as is possible. It’s hard to imagine that a bustling crowd of over 11,000 were jamming into the grandstand only less than 24 hours previous. It’s normal to have a good Saturday and Sunday preceding the President’s Day, but this was an especially good crowd. Anticipating what might happen for Monday’s crowd was tough. Read More


My First Handicapping Trend At This Meet Which Seems to Work Without Fail

February 12, 2013

This has been a difficult year for handicapping at Oaklawn, in part because there has been no single dominant jockey or trainer who is completely dependable. I thought, at the beginning of the season, that Robby Albarado would totally dominate the jockeys and that Jamie Ness would be clearly the big name in the trainer rankings. So far both are doing okay, but they haven’t achieved the status which handicappers need to be dependable in tough calls. Read More

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