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May 28, 2013

So much of our attention on Memorial Day goes to the service and time spent by our troops in preserving the life of freedom in the United States, that I got to thinking just what it was that the military service has protected for me. It amounts to another Thanksgiving Day in my life. Read More


The Seniors Tour

May 21, 2013

First the body goes, then the brain is slow to follow. So goes my personal description of the aging process. Most of us who have passed sixty have experienced some form of that process. Where did all the time go? Or, as they used to say in Latin class, “tempus fugit." Read More


Things are Getting Interesting

May 04, 2013

When trainer Donnie K. Von Hemel won the first race on Kentucky Oaks Day, he got the attention of those racing fans who had awakened early to be here for the entire program on the eve of the Kentucky Derby. Some were here with the idea that they could advanced wager for Saturday and have that done. But many, who took the chance on the 9-1 shot, Magic Union, were unlikely to leave their seats. Read More


Simulcast is Back

April 23, 2013

Full-time simulcasting at Oaklawn started in 1995. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the presentation through Oaklawn’s DJ Booth and I'm still the lucky guy to be there, 17 years later. I’ve seen lots of transition in what is done in Simulcast at Oaklawn. We had lots of different styles of tournaments and other fun games which brought about a Daily Racing Form story about Oaklawn’s simulcast presentation as “Simulcast Heaven." I was proud to be part of it then and am equally proud to be part of it now. Read More


Looking Back

April 16, 2013

One thing was certain, going into the final week of the racing season, there would be lingering memories of the Racing Festival of the South and they are the kinds of memories which blot out a lot of what happened in the two previous months. Read More

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