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The Death March and Occasional Flashes of Good News

July 17, 2012

Over the past weekend I was in Omaha, Nebraska, calling races at Horsemen’s Park. The good news is that this old boy has still got it when it comes to calling races. The calls went pretty well and the races, even though primarily stocked with low-quality state-breds, were still competitive and fun. The famed Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, even made his annual appearance on Saturday afternoon, causing a significant stir among those on hand. There was also a short appearance by the most famous Nebraska-bred trainer of them all, Jack Van Berg. Jack was on a short layover in Omaha and made his was out to pay respects to a close friend, Miss Laurie Bale, who had a surprise birthday party at the track. Also in attendance was former Ak-Sar-Ben announcer, television analyst and now on the staff of Remington Park, Chris Kotulak. All of them being on hand made it a terrific day for everyone. Read More



July 03, 2012

In the evenings I often relax before the television and watch as people tear into one another for their views on any subject. Politicians are the most obnoxious, since they all seem intent on strictly their own point of view. But many of the talking heads in sports act the same way, so they don’t get a free pass. Read More


Dreams Fulfilled

June 25, 2012

If it is possible to construct a racing festival more perfectly than the British did at Royal Ascot, there are few things one might change. Weatherwise it worked out well and the horses performed as brilliantly as one could only hope. Read More


It’s Time to Look to the East for Top Racing –Royal Ascot

June 18, 2012

With the conclusion of the Triple Crown series each year, racing in America, at least at the top levels, experiences a sort of lull. This year, however, while we in American don’t have one or two great heroes in the sport to watch closely, the same can’t be said in Europe and the British Isles, where at least three great racehorses are getting plenty of ink and will draw a lot of attention. Read More


A Break With Tradition Not on My Agenda--Yet

June 13, 2012

Night racing is not new to American thoroughbred racing. The experiments in night programs, particularly as they are presented at Churchill Downs, represent an important break with tradition, could signify an important change in the presentation of the sport. Yet it’s difficult to see who benefits in the long run and at what cost. Read More

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