Feb. 25, 2011

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On a day which starts out with six races that are either for maiden claimers or non-winners of two claimers, it is the CLASSIX carryover which has caught the attention of players and will make them more interested in some of these races than they normallly would admit.

As soon as I arrived at the track today, I ran into a co-worker who wanted to know what I REALLY liked in the CLASSIX.  It's almost as if there was something that I wasn't telling everyone else but was saving just for my closest friends.  It doesn't work that way, though.  I always put my best analysis on the website and want to have as high or higher batting average than the other public handicappers.  We're all professionals and want to do as good a job as possible.

Tip sheet selectors get paid according to the number of winners they pick.  Thus far this season, with the low number of winning favorites, there are not a lot of tip sheet guys getting big checks.

But the enthusiasm is there today.

When the field of 12 Arkansas-bred maiden claimers leaves the starting gate (barring any scratches), there will be a lot more at stake  for the players than just another race.  With Aqueduct closed for live racing today, it's likely there will be more interest in this play than normal, since New York players like to shoot at Pick-Six wagers historically.  So the program favorite, Sleek Ridge, is probably going to be a major horse for many players and first-timers like Marked Texan and Insomniac will get play once might have never expected.

This will be fun, especially since players will have a fast track to play over in spite of yesterday's rains.  The windy conditions have helped to dry out the track.  Players will be watching the first two races to help make critical decisions on their tickets.  They'll even be checking the wind conditions.

It's a different day when there's a big CLASSIX carryover pool.  Happy days are here -- again.  And. should this carry over to Saturday, it might get as much play in the press and media as the Arkansas basketball team.  We can only hope.

By the way.  I will have a ticket with my picks on it.  So expect to split it with me, if I'm on target.  You'll find my picks on the Racing homepage of the Oaklawn website.  And they are the ones I REALLY like.

Good luck to all.

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